Do you have a few of these sitting around your house??

Every once in a while I go back in the MLS and look at some of the houses I have helped people to buy and sell over the years. It’s a nice little walk down memory lane. I think about the people involved, and the funny, or not so funny, moments we had together. It always brings a smile to my face and sometimes a tear to my eye. A few weeks ago I came across a few listings in particular from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s which caught me by surprise. I looked at the prices and said to myself, WOW think of what those houses would sell for now!

I was talking to my business coach a little later that day and mentioned it to him. He suggested that I send people a note about their house, with a $100,000 candy bar for each $100,000 in equity I thought they had. Sounded like a fun idea, until I thought about a package showing up with a couple of chocolate bars that’d been sitting outside in the DC summer. Not pretty. I think that you’d never talk to me again! So I put pictures on the postcard instead 🙂

What’s the point of all of this? Do you ever wonder what your house is worth? C’mon, of course you do. Everyone does! 30% of the people who come through open houses are neighbors keeping an eye on values in the neighborhood. They aren’t in the market but they’re watching. I’ve got a couple of ways for you to get some more information about what your home’s worth.

I can do a custom search for you of market activity in your neighborhood. I’m happy to provide the service to you. I just need a few minutes on the phone to make sure I remember what’s in the house and what sort of improvements or updates you might’ve made. I’ll do some research in your neighborhood and put together a report for you. No charge, no obligation, just a little something from me to you.

I also have access to a couple of different computer generated pricing models. I’m not a huge fan of these “instant” valuations. They are rough estimates, a good starting point. There are so many factors they can’t really quantify, but I play around with them every once in a while, just to see what they come up with.

Drop me an email, text or give me a call. I’m happy to set either of them up for you. I hope that you’re having a great end of summer, and that I’ll hear from you soon.