The Joys of Homeownership

Whenever I send out a mailer, I wonder how many people read it, or if it goes straight into the circular file. Mostly, I get good feedback, but sometimes just silence… So let’s try something new in 2018, a little crowdsourcing for stories.

Most of you are homeowners. That’s probably how we met. I have helped people in DC Maryland and Virginia over my 24 years in Real Estate. You’ve bought diverse types of housing and in all kinds of neighborhoods. You may be happily ensconced in an early 1900’s farmhouse or a brand new condo, or something in between. One thing all homes have in common, no matter their size, style, age or location, are they consistently present us with projects that need to be done. Some are big, some small, some need a specialist, and some are DIY projects, which always seem to involve a minimum of 2 trips to the hardware store for me :).

So here’s the plan. I’m going to reach out to you soon to see if you’ve had an “interesting” home ownership challenge, a story that you think might resonate with other people like you. It could be that something broke, or maybe you just wondered why the gizmo that’s attached to the water heater is there. I’ll get a little bit of background, and perhaps a couple of smartphone pictures of the item in question. Then I’d like to share your story with my other readers, no personal attribution, and see if it might help someone else.

I thought it’d be informative to share with each other. The particulars will be private, with just enough information to help everyone benefit from the lessons learned by others. I’ll try to include some feedback from expert tradespeople, when possible, to give a different point of view. C’mon it’ll be fun!